Money Saving Tips: Use Flood Detectors

There are devices that can be hooked up to appliances such as a washing machine to detect leaks and overflow and subsequently shut off the device or shut down the water supply. These small units provide a sound piece of mind when you start a load of wash and leave the house and could save thousands of dollars in damage if a washer were to overflow and drip down into the drywall of the room below. They always say it’s better to be safe than soaked.

Money Saving Tips: Use Low-Flow Faucets

We’ve all been preached to about how much money goes literally down the drain when the water is left running while brushing teeth in the morning. Most of us have curbed that bad habit but we can make the morning and evening routine even more energy-friendly with the use of low flow faucets. These devices can reduce water usage by 20-50 percent a year by either mixing air within the water or lowering the output from around 2.2 gallons per minute down to 1.5 gallons per minute.

Summer Money Saving Tips: Lower Water Temperature on Water Heater

There’s no doubt that a hot shower does wonders to sooth a person, especially after a long day of work or a night out in the cold. That being said, how much more relaxing is a 140 degree bath than a 120 degree one? By default most hot water heaters come from the manufacturer with a temperature setting of 140 degrees. This is partly to astound the customer when they feel how instantly warm the water is and also to eliminate the slight risk of passing on legionella bacteria. By turning down the water heater to 120° a homeowner can expect to save up to 10 percent on energy costs and reduce the risk of scalding.

Flushing Sewer Lines

When was the last time you had your sewer lines flushed? If the answer falls between “I don’t remember” and “never,” then you could be long overdue. It is recommended you flush your sewer lines every six months. This will prevent the buildup of debris in the sewer line. Fill your tub, kitchen sink,bathroom sink with water. Then drain them all at the same while flushing your toilet a couple of times. This large volume of water at one time will help to move a lot of the debris out of your line into the city main.
If your sewer is still running slow call Atlas Sewer 306-924-1098 for our expert and affordable drain cleaning services. We will have your drains cleaned, cleared, and freely flowing. Sewer gas leak detection is another popular service Atlas Sewer provides. You save money and avoid problems by having our technicians inspect and clean drains before they can clog. This prevents ugly backups that can flood your home. Our technicians can advise why a blockage occurs and how to prevent it from happening again.

What do you do if your water main breaks?

Water can be the most damaging to a property. One cause of water damage can be from a water main break. If you experience a water main break, follow below steps  
1.       If break is outside property/building,  Shut off the water by calling the city or town
2.       If break is inside the property /building, shut off the main water valve.
Once the water is off, assess the damage then call your insurance provider and Atlas at 306-924-1098 to get a quote on our services.