Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will I know that my sewer is starting to back up?
A. We want to help you be aware of the warning signs that your sewer system is backed up! Taking a look through this article is quick, but very informative! If this is something you regularly deal with, we suggest you check this out:
Q. What should I do if my sewer does back up?
A. See our Emergency page for some important dos and don’ts. We want you to stay safe and healthy.
Q. How do video inspections of pipes work?
A. Our high quality cameras are inserted into the sewer line and can easily reach the city’s main drain for a detailed inspection of the complete pipe. This allows a quick diagnosis of issues like tree roots, broken or collapsed pipes, leaky, corroded or shifted pipes, and blockages. We can even determine whether the blockage is on your property or city property. We then have the equipment and experience to conduct the proper repair.
Q. Are there any risks to using chemical drain cleaners?
A. Chemical drain cleaners are often corrosive which helps to effectively clean whatever is in your drain. However, they can be incredibly harmful to your pipes, so bring our team in instead to clean your drains safely!
Q. What can I do myself if my sink is clogged?
A. Grease, hair and soap residue are likely culprits. You can try cleaning out the P trap under the sink, which may require disassembly and reassembly. If that doesn’t work, it’s time to give us a call.
Q. What can I do if my floor drain is producing a sewer smell?
A. Under normal conditions, water in the drain’s P trap blocks sewer gases from entering your home. If that water should evaporate, sewer gas will escape. Try slowly pouring a couple litres of water down the drain. If that doesn’t solve the problem, it’s time for a video inspection of the sewer line.
Q. What’s the difference between plumbing services and drain services?
A. When it comes to the water coming into your home, you’ll need a plumber for any issues that arise. Water going out will be through your drains and that is what our team can help with!
Q. Why does my kitchen sink stink, and what can I do about it?
Q. What should I look for if my washing machine won’t drain?
A. Check out this article for some valuable tips
Q. Are biodegradable items safe for the toilet?
A. Just because your cotton balls or paper towels are biodegradable, doesn’t mean they dissolve instantly! Keep them out of your drains or you could end up with a serious clog.
Q. Can flushable cat litter go down the toilet?
A. Probably not. Here are some more details
Q. What can I do to prevent basement flooding?

We want to make sure you stay safe and healthy when experiencing a drain blockage or sewer backup. And it’s always helpful to know how to prevent future drain emergencies. You’ll find plenty of great tips and articles among our most frequently asked questions.