Vacuum Trucks


Our Vacuum Trucks and Portable Vacs are used for septic & grease trap services. Our fleet consists of 4 Vac Trucks 1 Hydrovac truck and 2 Portable Vac units. Our Portable Vacs are perfect for those grease traps in restaurants or kitchens in high rise buildings that have no way of accessing with a regular Vac truck. These Portable Vacs are pulled up by a truck and trailer and can be wheeled anywhere. These units are even small enough to fit on elevators!


Traditional excavating methods are expensive, time-consuming, and have a risk of damaging underground utilities or other infrastructures. The site is left messy as clay is spread by the excavating equipment. That’s why we use hydro-excavating methods. High-pressure water is used to break up soil, and then an industrial-strength truck-mounted vacuum is used to remove the debris from your yard or building.

Hydro Excavating provides a cost-effective way for you to reach your sewer lines, water lines, or other utility lines. It has a high degree of precision and allows us to haul the mess away. More precision means it’s safer, faster, requires less material removal and therefore less backfilling than traditional excavating methods.

Our Hydro vac services can be used for trenching, congested spaces where traditional equipment can’t be used projects that require a faster rate of excavation, debris removal, pit cleaning, culvert cleanouts, piling holes, and MORE!