Sewer & Drain Services


Our technicians wield the most effective equipment, from small hand cable machines to the large K-1500 machine to get the job done. Our machines clear drains and sewer lines by rotating a flexible cable made of metal through the pipe. Various attachments at the end of the cable aid in this process by scraping, boring, cutting, and retrieving pipe blockages. Every type of blockage is different and requires knowledge of the proper size cable and cutting head. Our technicians have specialized knowledge of the equipment to get the job done in the most effective way possible.


CCTV sewer line video inspections are necessary to diagnose underlying problems as it allows our technicians to visibly see what is happening within sewer lines. It is the eyes of our operation. Our CCTV cameras have a live feed that is capable of recording. Video inspections are a cost-effective tool that is highly recommended and used to solve any type of problems that arise within one’s sewer system. At Atlas, we use our CCTV cameras for almost all of our calls. This helps us know we got our job done properly for our customers.

If requested, a colored recording of the entire process can be given to our customers with a written report of the findings and elements of the sewer line that may need fixing. This resource can be shared with potential plumbers you may need if the line does need such repairs.

Our CCTV cameras can also be used for home purchases or renovations to determine if there are any underlying problems with the sewer line before you’re thousands of dollars in the hole. To learn more about our home purchasing or renovating inspections see our Realtors and Home Inspectors page.