Specialty Sewer & Drain Services


One of our newest and most popular services is pipe relining. If the drainage pipe has not collapsed, we have a system where a resin pipe liner can be inserted, extending the life of the pipe by decades. This service can repair many sewer lines without the need to excavate. Excavation can leave you needing repairs to your floors, yard, trees, deck, driveway, etc. BUT our trenchless system can leave all of this untouched. This means less time, less mess, and less money!

How does this even work? Well, our CCTV cameras are used to inspect the line. This will reveal the blocked or breached areas of the pipe which we need to repair. The pipe is then cleaned out with our cutting tools. Then, our liner is pulled into place and the bladder inflates. After curing, the bladder is removed leaving behind a structural pipe within the old existing pipe.

With our 10-year Limited Warranty, we leave you with a permanent solution to your sewer line problems. Guaranteed.
Call us today to see if your pipes can or need to be relined!


Sewer gas odors are a very stinky and troubling problem. Atlas Sewer was the very first company in Regina to offer a sewer leak detection device to locate this problem. The device (commonly called a smoker) generates a non-toxic white smoke that finds the location of the leak. This device can be used anywhere on any system to find the breach.

Sewer gas can provide a health hazard and the source needs to be identified and repaired ASAP. Our technicians can advise why a blockage or leak occurs and how to prevent it from happening again. Several areas where drain blockages commonly occur include the main sewer, fixture traps, sharp bends, directional changes in lateral lines, floor drains, toilets, tubs, showers, and sinks.


Do you need to find the location of your sewer lines? Atlas can help you with that! With our Sewer Line Locating/Sonar equipment, we can assist you in finding the exact location of your sewer line. One may need to locate their sewer line for various purposes including if they are broken and the break needs to be located in order to fix, if other sewer lines need to be tied in, or if you are thinking of doing some yard work and need to know where the lines are before you disturb the location of your line.